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I’d like to tell you that I loathe washing up and that the simplicity of a one pot meal means that there’s a lot less of it…

Alas, that would be far from the truth – I quite enjoy filling the sink with hot soapy water and tackling a pile of dishes; I think partly because I didn’t own a dishwasher until I was in my late thirties and didn’t rely on it the way the younger generation does. I still think the dishwasher is one of (wo)man’s greatest inventions but am just as happy to go the manual route.

What I do like though is making a large pan of something (lamb jalfrezi, chilli, thai curry, soups, etc.) then batching it up for the freezer. Having a meal a few steps away to feed friends and family is one of life’s joys.

So, what’s this site going to be about? Well, I’ve a large (really large) collection of recipes that I cook at varying frequencies and it would be awfully nice to have them all in one place rather than scattered in both digital and printed form. It might also be nice to share recipes with other folk.

Disclaimer: Not all recipes will qualify for the “one pot meal” tag in that a crusty bread, naan or side salad makes an even better eating experience. But you don’t mind that, eh?