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This week’s menu – Saturday August 8 2015

A waiter writes the daily menu on a blackboard outside a cafe.

Photograph by Agustín Martina

Menu for Sunday 9 August to Saturday 15 August

Sunday: Oven baked risotto.
Monday: Lamb jalfrezi from the freezer to use up a pack of (delicious) Sainsbury naan bread.
Tuesday: Leftover oven baked risotto.
Wednesday: Seafood and Orzo soup with chunky wholemeal bread.
Thursday: Moroccan meatballs (from the freezer) with pasta and garlic bread.
Friday: Leftover Seafood and Orzo soup.
Saturday: Eating out!
Sunday: Gujurati chicken curry (by request).

Feedback for Menu for Sunday 9 August to Saturday 15 August

  • I’ve updated the seafood and orzo recipe to note that almost any fish is suitable. Whenever I see reduced price fish at the supermarket I scoop it up and freeze it for future soups and pies, meaning that no two soups are ever alike. Wednesday night’s was a cheaper version with mussel meat instead of shelled mussels (and much easier to eat, especially if it’s a late night tv supper!) and a fish pie mix. Delicious.
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